CHRISTIAN Orthodox Prayer

Εξωφ. Orthodox Prayer

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  1. Prayer and hope
  2. Prayer: Life of the soul
  3. Prayer and physical health


  1. The “faithful” companion
  2. Prayer is a struggle
  3. Prayer’s “wings”
  4. Ιs there perfect prayer?
  5. Ιn peace”
  6. Morning and evening
  7. Pray in secret
  8. Watch your mind
  9. Our bodily posture
  10. With the heart of a child
  11. With a deep feeling
  12. In an “emergency” situation
  13. The right prayer in tribulation
  14. Prayer: Dread of the demons


  1. Prayer for everyone
  2. Prayer and the forgiveness of sins
  3. “Lord, have mercy”
  4. “Glory to Thee, O Lord”
  5. “Our Father”
  6. Prayers to the Saints
  7. What should we ask?
  8. Worldly things?
  9. Perseverance in prayer
  10. No Answer
  11. Holy Fathers’ prayers
  12. Mysterious are His ways
  13. Was it an answer from God?
  14. Prayer at church



Prayer is a Christian’s ultimate privilege which has the power to perform miracles. However, in order for us to understand its miraculous power, we must pray. We learn how to pray by praying. A change for the better, with prayer in our life is this book’s purpose. May God bless you.



1.Prayer and hope

  St. John of the Ladder says: Prayer is the “hatchet of hopelessness” that is, an “axe” that slashes despair away and brings hope, “evidence of hope.” Let us assume that you are married without any children and you see other couples who have children and a complaint eats away inside you. “Why don’t I have any children?” You think about it, and you think about it again, and you become sad and lose hope. However, if you knelt down before merciful Christ every day and earnestly requested Him to grant you a child, your psychology would change. Sadness would depart, because “prayer dissolves sadness.

Α reverend member of the clergy had once told me: A lady, a spiritual daughter of his, had given birth (in the 1960s) to a child with a major heart problem which was difficult to cure at that time. She prayed to the Lord, and fell on her knees (many times throughout the day) with the following request: “O Christ! Make my child well; and if he gets well, may he become a doctor to cure sick children.” Her child grew up, went to primary school, went to junior high school, turned fifteen years old, and she continued to pray and kneel, even on Easter Day. One afternoon, her husband had a “chance” encounter with two American tourists. They asked him for some information which he gladly gave, and afterwards he told them: “Come to my home for a cup of coffee.” The tourists, who were brothers, went to his home and stayed for lunch (Things were very different in Greece back then).

As the two men were enjoying traditional hospitality, the child had a “crisisand collapsed! At once one of the visitors said: “I see that your son has a problem with his heart. His particular condition is well known to me. I am a cardiology surgeon. My brother and I have a special clinic in the United States. Since you invited me into your home, without knowing me, I will undertake the expenses for you to come to the United States and for me to cure your son!” And that is how it happened. His son was cured and went on to study medicine and become a cardiologist!

I admire your perseverance in prayer! If it was another in your situation she would have stopped praying. The mother’s spiritual father told her.

Dear father! The moment I started to pray, I gained hope; something was telling me that Christ would not abandon me. That gave me wings. used to wait for the hour of prayer to come. If Christ would not hear my prayer, I would continue praying and not stop, because I knew I was gaining hope and strength. Otherwise my own heart would have also become unwell!


A hungry man came upon a vinegrower and asked him: “Please give me some grapes to eat!” “Wait a minute!” the vine-grower replied.

The hungry man waited for a while, however his patience quickly came to an end. He murmured: “He has forgotten all about me!” and went on his way. As he was leaving, he heard the vinegrower calling: “Brother! Wait! here, have these grapes. I went a little further into the vineyard because I wanted to choose the best grapes for you!”

This is also what God does for us. It may seem to us that He has forgotten all about us, but He is searching to choose and give us what is best!


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